do you know what is happening in the food packaging industry?

Fast Food packaging has been under a huge amount of scrutiny recently and we as an organisation  have decided to put together some clear content to clarify some of the ideas, definitions and materials that are available in the food packaging market.
It is clear from putting this site together that there are many issues to address from definitions such as Bio-degradable, to recycling infrastructure to an understanding of how materials are produced, used and of course disposed of. We hope that this site can evolve and develop and be a good source of information, as to what is going on in the food packaging industry, and hopefully give you the tools to ask your suppliers some more relevant questions about what you buy, how it is made and where it is best to dispose of.


Capable of biodegrading in to the natural elements in a composting environment within 12 weeks.


A substance or object capable of being decomposed by bacteria or other living organisms and thereby avoiding pollution.


A plastic material with metal salts added to it to speed up degradation.


A substance or object that can be recycled.