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What can you customise?

Most products can be customised. If you don’t see the required option on our enquiry form, please leave the details in the message section and we will be in touch to discuss it with you.


Are custom printed items eco-friendly?

We use a variety of suppliers to source the most sustainable products. These are either recyclable, biodegradable or compostable, including the inks used. Once you confirm the product with us, we can provide full

eco-credentials to ensure the product meets your requirements.


What are the costs?

The cost will vary depending on the product. We will provide you with a detailed quote which will include any plate or artwork charges that may be applicable.


Are there minimum quantities for bespoke stock?

Yes, the minimum will vary depending on the product. If you can provide us with an estimated annual usage, we will provide a breakdown of costs for various print runs.


I have my artwork, what happens next?

Send your artwork to us and we will return a design proof for you to sign off and order!


How long will it take to receive my order?

Timings vary depending on the product, design and quantity required. We will confirm the timescale in detail before your order is placed.


What information do I need to provide?

Please complete our quote form which will guide you to provide the information we need. We will contact you to discuss any further details.


Can I mix a custom printed order?

Sadly we cannot mix bespoke orders. The minimum print run varies depending on the product, but we can help you make an informed decision on the amount of stock you will need.


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